BeautyWitch (4).png

eeeek!!! One of the most exciting (+ most-photographed) days of your life; there's no greater honor than helping you look + feel like Beyonce.


Two things TBW will help you accomplish:

Feeling your most beautiful self.

From: "I never wear makeup," to: "make me look like a drag queen," TBW has worked with 'em all.


She takes her time to ask questions and understand the desired look for each person that sits in her chair. 

Not everyone wants a bold, glam look... sometimes all that is desired is a soft, natural features enhancement.


Every application is completely customized to meet the needs of each individual client. The end-goal for every wedding that TBW is part of is to have you + your crew feeling your most confident, beautiful selves while ensuring that everyone is as photogenic as possible.


A stress-free morning.

Don't fret over who needs to be in hair versus makeup and by when... let TBW do that work for you!

With over a hundred weddings under her belt and a Master's Degree in Project Management, TBW will work with you to gather all the pertinent details and provide you with a detailed morning-of timeline for glam.

She's also been known to carry a bluetooth speaker and some fire Spotify playlists everywhere she goes... just in case.

*Tarot and/or ancestral psychic readings may be added to the morning services for an additional fee.